The Importance of Signs and Symbols

:: This post is presented by the Daily Randomness and Stupidities Caused by Classes Early in the Morning and Company ::

Now as the title says, my post will be connected to a certain symbol or sign. Not just any symbol mind you, but a very well known universal symbol that people young and old would recognize without fail unless they’ve been living under a huge rock under the sea all their lives.

Now as a graphic design student, I’ve been studying a lot of symbols during my time in college. Heck all sorts of weird symbols exactly, but I found this symbol to be one of the most interesting and important ones. And it’s connected to this post, don’t worry.

What symbol you might ask?

Well, it’s this.

Of course you guys know what that symbol means xD If not, I would’ve wondered how you survive outside of the house *snickers*

But just to reiterate, yes people, that is the universal bathroom sign/symbol. Almost everywhere in the world you can see this sign, of course, available in any variation both interesting and horrifying and it’s pretty fun to pay attention to if  you travel the world. I bet the bathroom sign in the Korean Airport looks a wee bit different compared to the ones in the German Airport, and yet they portray the same message xD

Now, let’s go back to this sign.

Well, it’s a pretty clear sign right? the one with the triangle around the hips is supposed to portray woman and the other one that’s shown nekkid is a man. It’s a pretty clear sign I guess. The room that has the man symbol means it’s men’s restroom and the other one is women’s. See? Easy queasy.

But you have to remember, when it’s early in the morning and you’re half asleep and barely awake….BOTH SIGNS LOOKS THE SAME.

And that, apparently, was a thought shared by one of my classmates xD

So this morning while waiting for my earliest class to start, as always me and my friend Jude hang around by the bench in the hallway. That bench is positioned perfectly across from the side-by-side restrooms, and yes I know that’s not the best position, but it’s a good place to sit back and relax.

And boy, today turned out to be one of those days.

While talking about our 3d design class, me and Jude were surprised by this blur of a person dashing through the hallway before making a sharp turn into the nearest open restroom. Of course we’re both shocked and we paused our convo for a bit. That person really did come out of nowhere, and it’s kind of a reflex to halt everything when something shocking happened.

Several seconds later the person, turns out to be a girl, walked stiffly out of the restroom with a confused pinkish face and looked around to see if anyone saw what she did.

And she froze when she met  our eyes.

As if on cue, Jude and I promptly burst out laughing like hyenas.

Want to know why?

That girl, one of my classmates who I won’t name lol, went into the wrong bathroom xDD

She looked pretty embarrassed, especially when she saw us laughing, and I immediately pointed to the other restroom to spare her “our place is that way.”

The girl scuttled away while me and Jude finished our laughter. I mean– I know it’s not nice but damn! That was pretty funny xD The girl couldn’t meet either mine or Jude’s eyes for the entire class after that lol. By the end of the class, I heard her talking to her friend that it took her a while to realize that she went in to the wrong restroom, and it only clicked when she saw that everyone seemed to pee standing up LOL.

In her defense, she said, she woke up late and was barely awake when she got to school. Hence why.


Poor girl. I hope she wasn’t traumatized xD

And that’s why people, this sign is one of the most important yet interesting sign in the world. Important, because you might end up in awkward situations if you mistake one for the other and interesting because something funny is bound to happen when you mistake one for the other! xDD

And that’s my story for today. Stick around for more!!


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